Training site accreditation key facts:

  • Directors of Emergency Medicine (DEMs) or Directors of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMTs) must familiarise themselves with the accreditation requirements
  • Applications must be submitted electronically
  • Sites are accredited for five years
  • ACEM instigates re-assessment after five years
  • Sites may be selected for ad-hoc focussed inspections
  • The ACEM Accreditation Subcommittee oversees accreditation of training sites.

How to get a site accredited for training

What is the process?

New accreditation requirements for emergency medicine (EM) specialist training providers are now in place.

The table below outlines the process and accreditation requirements for each accreditation category:

Accreditation type

Accreditation Guidelines

Application Process

Application Forms

Re-accreditation or changes to existing accreditation (all categories)

For details on how to proceed:
e [email protected] t +61 3 9320 0407             



Mixed or Adult ED

Accreditation of EDs for specialist training in EM.             

AC549 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation Requirements            

AC550 Process Guide

AC548 Specialist Training Program Site Accreditation Application

Paediatric ED

Accreditation of EDs for the paediatric emergency component of advanced training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) subspecialty.

The PEM subspecialty is a joint training program of ACEM and RACP and is administered by the CJCT-PEM Committee for Joint College Training in PEM.

AC549 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation Requirements 

AC550 Process Guide

AC548 Specialist Training Program Site Accreditation Application

Emergency Medicine Training Network (EMTN)

An EMTN is a group of ACEM accredited training sites of differing sizes and case-mix that have formally agreed to provide a coordinated education and training program for EM trainees.

AC549 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation Requirements 

AC550 Process Guide

AC548 Specialist Training Program Site Accreditation Application

Special Skills Category A

Accreditation of sites for non-ED specialties.

AC95 Accreditation Information Special Skills Terms

and choose from one below:

AC70 Medical Administration
AC72 Medical Education
AC73 Emergency Medicine Research
AC74 Rural and Remote Health
AC75 Safety and Quality
AC81 Ultrasound
AC82 Simulation
AC83 Toxicology
AC85 Pre-Hospital and Retrieval
AC86 Trauma
AC447 Hyperbaric
AC472 Global Emergency Care
AC473 Hospital in the Home
AC581 Indigenous Health Guidelines

AC130 Requesting Accreditation Special Skills Terms

AC173 SSTIQ Category A Application

Other Non-ED, Special Skills T, Overseas, Medical Administration and GP

These are non-accredited sites and require one-off applications by Trainees. See Where can I do my training? 



Maintaining accreditation

Has your training site been selected for a Focused Inspection?

The College may initiate a Focused Investigation at any point within the five-year cycle of an accredited site. This may include a site visit. This is usually in response to issues identified through the monitoring of accreditation conditions, the review of College data, or other substantiated avenues. However, any accredited site can be the subject of a Focused Inspection.

Where sufficient cause is identified, the College may investigate the performance of a site with respect to specifically identified accreditation requirements. This may be via phone, written correspondence, or other methods of communication.

If your site has been notified that a Focussed Inspection is required, the College's Accreditation Team will be in contact to organise the inspection. You can contact the accreditation team for further details about this process:

e: [email protected]
t: +61 3 9320 0407

Routine site inspections

For all routine inspections, the accreditation team will be in contact:

Changing the duration of Advanced Training Time site limit

If your site would like to vary the duration of the Advanced Training Time site limit at any point during the five-year cycle:

  • Submit a letter addressed to the chair of the Accreditation Subcommittee applying for the change
  • Submit an updated AC548 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation - Application
  • The Accreditation Subcommittee will assess the request and respond within eight weeks of receipt of the application
  • If the Subcommittee approves the application to proceed, a site visit may be conducted to make a final determination on the application.

To find out more about any of the above processes, see:

AC549 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation—Requirements

AC550 FACEM Training Program Site Accreditation—Process Guide