Foster emergency medicine research, encourage and support Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori doctors in undertaking emergency medicine training and build the capacity of emergency medicine programs in developing countries.

The objective of the Foundation is to:

Broaden the remit of the College’s pursuits and further the objects identified in the Constitution. The Foundation supports emergency medicine in three key areas through sponsorship, grants, awards and scholarships:

  • Indigenous Leaders
  • International
  • Research

The Scholarships, Grants, and Awards are open to:

  • ACEM Fellows
  • ACEM trainees
  • Indigenous medical students
  • International medical professionals.

How can I donate to the ACEM Foundation?

There are three ways you can support the ACEM Foundation:

  1. Donate online
  2. Bequest in your Will
  3. Make an In Memory gift.

All donations made by Australian and New Zealand residents are tax deductible.

Who is the ACEM Foundation?

The ACEM Foundation is a Committee of the ACEM Board and comprises the following members:

  • Associate Professor Joseph Epstein - Patron
  • Associate Professor Geoffrey Hughes - Member
  • Dr Colin Banks - Chair, International Emergency Medicine Committee, ex-officio
  • Dr John Bonning - ACEM Board, ex-officio
  • Dr Simon Judkins - ACEM President, ex-officio
  • Dr Elizabeth Mowatt - Chair, Indigenous Health Sub-Committee, ex-officio
  • Dr Yusuf Nagree - Chair, Research Committee, ex-officio
  • Dr Georgina Phillips - Member
  • Dr Nicholas Taylor - Member
  • Dr Gina Watkins - Member
  • Dr Peter White - CEO, ACEM ex-officio