Training site accreditation key facts:

  • Directors of Emergency Medicine (DEMs) or Directors of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMTs) must familiarise themselves with the accreditation requirements
  • Applications must be submitted electronically
  • Sites are accredited for five years
  • ACEM instigates re-assessment after five years
  • Sites may be selected for ad-hoc focussed inspections
  • The ACEM Accreditation Subcommittee oversees accreditation of training sites.

Applying for interim Training Stage Four (TS4) accreditation

  • Applying for interim Training Stage Four (TS4) accreditation

How to get a site accredited for training

Maintaining accreditation

  • Has your training site been selected for a Focused Inspection?
  • Routine site inspections
  • Changing accreditation tiers


  • Where can I find the application form, Standards Requirements and Process Guide?
  • How do I apply for accreditation?
  • How to fill in the application form – AC548?
  • Where to send my application?
  • What if I am already accredited and only want to apply for a change to my accreditation tier? Do I still need to complete a full application?