The Data

ACEM sources existing emergency department (ED) workforce and presentation data and develops methods for collecting additional data to build a detailed picture of the ED workforce and activity in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Since 2013 we have surveyed Directors of Emergency Medicine (DEMs) and more recently Directors of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMTs) working in accredited EDs, to collect important workforce data.

Getting a picture of our EDs

As part of our research, we have held an annual Hospital Data Survey, now referred to as the Annual Site Census. The survey allows us to collect data on ED staffing levels, roster structure and activity, and many other areas of our accredited EDs.

For more information or to request a copy of the latest report, please contact the research unit via email.

Getting a picture of our Fellows and trainees

Understanding our Fellows and trainees and what they experience day to day is important for informing our planning and policy initiatives around emergency medicine workforce and training activities.

New Fellows

All of our new Fellows are surveyed six to 12 months after obtaining Fellowship. The survey data helps us to understand their current and future career plans and to track their workforce movements and observe trends.