Our Clinical Trials Network (CTN) was formed with the primary objective of facilitating and promoting investigator-initiated, collaborative, multicentre clinical research in emergency medicine (EM) throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.
The CTN is a College Network. It has a documented executive and management structure, and formal policies and procedures for approving and conducting clinical trials, as well as reporting and disseminating results. A FACEM Executive steers the Network, with administrative support provided by ACEM.
Through collaboration, and the power of a shared track record, the CTN will unite emergency medicine researchers in further raising the profile of ED-based research, increasing the share of competitive funding that it attracts and, most importantly, improving outcomes for our patients by answering those research questions that are most relevant to the quality of their care. The track record developed with each project, will be able to be used by all future endorsed projects.
The Network aims to bring together Australasian researchers with an interest in clinical research to facilitate conducting high quality, multicentre trials. We will be answering research questions that are important to our patients; which are competitive in funding applications.
In time, as emergency medicine research in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand becomes better recognised and more competitive, we aim to pursue collaboration with international emergency medicine research networks.

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