The Specialist Training Program (STP) seeks to extend vocational training for specialist registrars (trainees) into settings outside traditional metropolitan teaching hospitals, including regional, rural, remote and private facilitates. It aims to improve the quality of the future specialist workforce by providing non-GP speciality trainees with exposure to a broader range of healthcare settings. STP aims to have a positive influence on future medical workforce distribution.

The aim of STP is to:

  1. enhance the capacity of the healthcare sector to provide high quality, appropriate training opportunities to facilitate the required accredited educational experiences for specialists in training;
  2. support quality accredited training posts in the build the overall training capability and capacity in the system, by extending specialist training into new “expanded” healthcare settings; and 
  3. contribute to improving specialist medical workforce supply and distribution.

Specialist Training Placements and Support (STPS) is an element of the Specialist Training Program.

In 2022 and 2023, ACEM is facilitating 57 STPS trainee posts through agreements with health settings throughout Australia.

Funded settings maybe found by filtering the map below to STPS.

STPS funding

Funding for STPS posts is provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Specialist Training Program. The funding contributes to salary support for trainees.

There may also be additional funding to health settings as  supplements for the extra costs that trainees have working in rural areas through Rural Loading Support (Rural Loading) or for supervision costs in private hospitals (Private Infrastructure and Clinical Supervision). 

All STP programs operate under the STP Operational Framework, and further information on STPS can be found here.

New Post applications

The DoH hosts the New Post applications for health settings - previously known as Expressions of Interest (EoI’s). Applications for the current round close on 13 May 2022. Subsequent rounds will be notified through ACEM communication channels. 

To find out more about the eligibility requirements, timeframes or to submit an application, please visit the DoH website:

Note: successful applications from this process will be added to College’s Reserve List and is not a guarantee of funding.

Does your site want to advertise a vacant STPS post?

ACEM advertises vacant STPS positions on our Jobs in EM  page, and in the weekly College Bulletin, which reaches over 7,000 Emergency medicine professionals. For more information, visit the ACEM advertising page.

Are you a trainee looking for an STPS placement?

If you are looking to take up an STPS placement, please check the check the Jobs in EM or College Bulletin for vacancies.

For more information about STPS posts, please email the ACEM STP team.