Icon-Networks.jpgMembers that have completed an ACEM training program or the SIMG Pathway can use ACEM post-nominal letters which are related to the membership conferred by the College. These letters recognise you as a high-qualified emergency medicine practitioner and signify your ongoing commitment to the specialty.

Advocacy, Policy and Research

Icon-Networks.jpgThe College advocates on your behalf for better working conditions and enhanced training for the emergency medicine workforce as part of its mission to promote excellence in the delivery of quality emergency care. The College also engages with all levels of government for the benefit of emergency medicine practitioners and the communities that they serve.

CPD Resources and Support  

Icon-Networks.jpgACEM provides progressive and comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for our Fellows and other physicians working in emergency medicine.​

Advancing Emergency Medicine  

Icon-Networks.jpgThe College seeks to play a leading role in advancing emergency medicine for you, your emergency medicine peers and the communities that you care for. Working alongside our dedicated members, ACEM aims to address the big challenges faced in emergency care across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as strengthening global health by establishing collaboration and connections via the Global Emergency Care initiative.​

Conferences and Events

Icon-Networks.jpgAttend College-supported events, webinars and training sessions alongside your peers and other experts in the field to maintain best practices in emergency medicine, form networks and share experiences. Take part in your local Faculty conference, join a webinar covering pioneering techniques, attend the Annual Scientific Meeting or Winter Symposium with your peers from Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond, and much more. Participation at eligible events will also be automatically marked by the College team towards your annual CPD requirements.

Educational Resources

Icon-Networks.jpgAccess a wide range of resources, specially curated by the ACEM education team, that are designed to advance your practice of emergency medicine and are exclusively for College members, trainees and SIMGs.

Pro Bono   

Icon-Networks.jpgACEM plays a leading role in advancing emergency medicine for patients and doctors alike. As a member-based organisation, trainees and members are encouraged to contribute to building our engagement, recognition and experience through work at the College. It’s an opportunity to express who you are, support your peers, be acknowledged and have a clear voice. Our pro-bono workforce is the backbone of who we are.​

Networks, Forums and Communities

Icon-Networks.jpgJoin one or more College-connected communities to network, share ideas, develop your career and further emergency medicine with support of ACEM and your colleagues from across Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.

News, Reports and Journals  

Icon-Networks.jpgKeep yourself up to date with the latest in College and emergency medicine news with the College newsletters (e.g. ACEM Bulletin, Faculty Updates, Trainee News and the all new online YourED website). Find out the latest in peer-reviewed articles, reports, reviews and opinions on the research and clinical practice of emergency care in the EMA Journal.

Career Transition   

Icon-Networks.jpgThe ACEM career transition programs are aimed at supporting members at various stages of their career and are designed to promote the growth and aspirations of emergency medicine practitioners. These clinician-led programs can assist you at any phase of your career – whether it’s transitioning between training into the world of consultancy, looking to change your scope of practice, preparing for retirement, or remaining connected after leaving emergency medicine practice.​

Wellbeing Initiatives 

Icon-Networks.jpgFind out more about a wide range of initiatives designed to help you take care of yourself that also keep in mind the unique rigours and demands that are faced by you and your emergency medicine peers. These includes ACEM Assist – a free and confidential service available to members, trainees and SIMGs – which provides you with coaching and counselling across a spectrum of personal, financial and work-related issues.​

Mentoring Programs and Resources

Icon-Networks.jpgBecome a mentor and help develop the future leaders in emergency medicine or take part as a mentee and get the support you need to develop and grow your career. The ACEM mentoring program and resources have been specifically produced to support emergency physicians as mentees, mentors and program coordinators.

Awards and Honours  

Icon-Networks.jpgAs part of the College’s mission is to promote excellence in the delivery of quality emergency care, ACEM is committed to recognising and celebrating the continued development and delivery of initiatives and activities to support emergency physicians and emergency departments. ACEM also recognises and celebrates the highest achieving candidates in clinical examinations.​

Financial Savings  

Icon-Networks.jpgMembers and trainees have access to financial savings via the College’s partnership with Member Advantage. Access everyday discounts, ecards and gifts, travel, automotive and much more.​

Jobs and Postings 

Icon-Networks.jpgACEM hosts a job portal that provides you with the latest careers in emergency medicine from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Discover jobs in your region, connect with possible employers, or find the next step up in your career all located in one easy location.​