Our structure

The ACEM Board is our governing body and can delegate its powers to entities or individuals on behalf of all Fellows. The Board is made up of the following members:

  • President (Board Chair)
  • Immediate Past President/President-Elect
  • Chair, Council of Advocacy, Practice and Partnerships (ex-officio)
  • Chair, Council of Education (ex-officio)
  • Two appointed FACEM Members
  • Trainee elected Trainee Member
  • Appointed Community Representative
  • Two appointed non-FACEM members.

Councils and Board entities

The Council of Education (COE), Council of Advocacy, Practice and Partnerships (CAPP) and Committees of the Board all report directly to the Board. They are made up of College Fellows, trainee Representative and Community Representatives

COE is responsible for providing educational strategic direction and promoting improvements in education. It has oversight of all facets of the College’s educational activities. This includes examination and election to Fellowship, accreditation and continuing professional development programs.

CAPP is responsible for guiding advocacy, practice and partnership functions of the College, and ensuring that these functions are relevant to our broader strategic goals. This includes risk management and compliance, strategy and planning, performance monitoring and council processes and policies.

Other Board entities include the ACEM Foundation, Finance and Risk Committee, Governance Committee, Trainee Selection and Workforce Planning Reference Group, National Program Steering Committee (overseeing the Emergency Medicine Education and Training Program) and the Conjoint Committee of PreHospital and Retrieval Medicine.