We do this by:

  • Regularly revising and upgrading our training programs
  • Developing and maintaining standards for emergency medical care
  • Leading the policy debate in areas relating to emergency medicine (EM)
  • Providing trusted EM advice and research.
Taking action

We have also developed the following tools, approaches and solutions to address issues experienced in EM and Emergency Departments (EDs) today, including:

  • A range of research and advocacy work to address access block (over-crowding in hospitals)
  • The Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) - ACEM pioneered development of the ATS in the 1990s and have been the driving force behind its standardisation, implementation and ongoing revision.
  • Developed by ACEM and the APSF the Emergency Medicine Events Register (EMER), is an adverse event and confidential near-miss reporting system for both patients and physicians.