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Advancing Women in Emergency Network

A community to advocate for and support the advancement of women in emergency medicine through networking, mentoring and policy development to support diversity and equity in medical leadership.

Private Emergency Medicine Network

A community promoting quality care, training and research in private EDs in Australia/New Zealand, raising awareness of matters specific to private EM and recognition for those working in the sector.

Trauma Emergency Medicine Network

A community dedicated to furthering trauma prevention and treatment by promoting multidisciplinary, patient-centred and evidence-based emergency care for trauma patients in Australia and New Zealand.

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Network

A network promoting quality, timely emergency care in the best setting for older persons in Australia/New Zealand. Providing care to those who once cared for us is one of life’s greatest honours.

Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine Network

The College has established a Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine (PHRM) Network and is pleased to invite members and trainees to join.

Paediatric Emergency Medicine Network

To build a community that supports and advocates for optimal paediatric care in all emergency departments, through Collaboration, Education and Implementation of best evidence.

ACEM Clinical Trials Network

Promoting investigator-initiated, collaborative, multicentre clinical research in emergency medicine throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Emergency Telehealth Network

The Emergency Telehealth Network is a community that will develop, support, educate, research and advocate for the safe, effective and efficient use of telehealth by Fellows and trainees of ACEM.

ACEM ED Epidemiology Network (EDEN)

Using large scale, routinely collected, data to equitably improve ED care and save lives across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

Workforce Wellbeing Network

The Workforce Wellbeing Network is a community of practice that has been formed to develop, support, educate, research and advocate for the wellbeing of ACEM trainees, members and College employees.