The facilitators are experts in EM and simulation and provide skilled debriefing in a psychologically and professionally safe space. Key elements include crisis management, team skills, communication, leadership, and technical skills, with a focus on human factors.


The ACME course aims to address the ever-increasing challenges of Emergency Medicine in today’s environment by:

  • teaching skills to address more severe patient presentations such as those specific to resuscitation;
  • highlighting the importance of team and leadership skills given the shortage in staff and increased workloads; and
  • facilitating group discussions about professionally relevant and topical issues.

The course will:

  • include high fidelity training simulations of complex emergencies for difficult-to-access high-stakes procedures
  • emphasise non-technical as well as technical skills; and
  • be facilitated by an expert and skilled faculty, in a safe, confidential learning environment.

To get a glimpse of the ACME course experience, click here to read Julianne's first-hand account.


  • Themes
  • Learning outcomes
  • Participant cohort
  • Minimum Site Requirements to run ACME courses
  • Course Preparation

Upcoming events 2024:

Available locations

Monash Simulation
Moorabbin Hospital
823-865 Centre Rd
East Bentleigh VIC 3165
t: 9928 8314
e: [email protected]

Auckland Simulation
93 Grafton Road,
Grafton, Auckland 1010
Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Owen Doran
e: [email protected]

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
41 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy VIC 3065 Australia
Dr Neil Cunningham
e: [email protected]