The facilitators are experts in EM and simulation and provide skilled debriefing in a psychologically and professionally safe space. Key elements include crisis management, team skills, communication, leadership, and technical skills, with a focus on human factors.


The ACME course aims to address the ever-increasing challenges of Emergency Medicine in today’s environment by:

  • teaching skills to address more severe patient presentations such as those specific to resuscitation;
  • highlighting the importance of team and leadership skills given the shortage in staff and increased workloads; and
  • facilitating group discussions about professionally relevant and topical issues.

The course will:

  • include high fidelity training simulations of complex emergencies for difficult-to-access high-stakes procedures
  • emphasise non-technical as well as technical skills; and
  • be facilitated by an expert and skilled faculty, in a safe, confidential learning environment.



Core themes (mandatory)

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Airway and Respiratory Emergencies
  • Complex Emergencies
  • Human Factors and Crisis Management
  • Includes non-technical skills: difficult conversations, teamwork, systems errors

Optional themes (at site discretion)
  • Death and Dying (2 themes)
  • Toxicology
  • Obstetric Emergencies
  • Teaching/Education
  • Wellbeing

Learning outcomes

  • develop an understanding of human factors and team behaviours and their impact on the quality of team-based clinical care;
  • build confidence in everyday themes of EM, specifically crisis management, team skills, communication, leadership, and technical skills;
  • refresh key clinical procedural skills including as listed by the ACEM CPD Program. These core procedural skills may be recorded as scope of practice skills after you have met your annual core procedural skills requirements; and
  • reflect on current practice and provide opportunities to learn from each other.

Participant cohort

  • experienced EM physicians
  • senior registrars; or
  • senior CMO/MOSS practising Emergency Medicine

This course is also well-suited for those who are transitioning back to the ED following a period of leave and is approved for CPD hours (Fellows only).

Upcoming events

Available locations

Monash Simulation
Moorabbin Hospital
823-865 Centre Rd
East Bentleigh VIC 3165
t: 9928 8314
e: [email protected]

Auckland Simulation
93 Grafton Road,
Grafton, Auckland 1010
Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Owen Doran
e: [email protected]