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How to become a Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT)

DEMTs are the principal contact point for trainees at their training site.

As a DEMT you have a number of important roles including involvement in educational supervision, In-Training Assessments (ITAs) and assisting trainees and coordinating rotations.

  • A Prospective DEMT Must
  • ACEM Assess the Following Qualities and Requirements
  • What are the Responsibilities of a DEMT?
  • Your Duties as a DEMT Include
  • What Support will I Receive as a DEMT?

How to Become a Special Skills Post (SSP) Supervisor

Every Special Skills Placement (Category A or T) will have a nominated supervisor. This person is required to have qualifications and credentials within the discipline. On the discretion of the Accreditation Subcommittee, supervisors with extensive experience and expertise in the relevant special skills discipline will be accepted as having equivalent skill srequired to be an approved supervisor for the SSP. For Category A placements, SSP Supervisors should also be familiar with any specific criteria related to their role as outlined in the relevant SSP Guideline for their discipline.

You can find all the relevant guidelines on the Training Site Accreditation page.

The SSP supervisors must be employed at a minimum of 0.3 FTE at the site.

To be added as a Special Skills Supervisor to an established Special Skills post, please email a recent C.V to [email protected] with the details of the post. This review process can take three-to-four weeks so it is recommended CVs be sent in prospectively where possible.