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AMC and MCNZ accreditation

At its meeting on 25 July 2018, the AMC determined that ACEM be granted accreditation for four years until 31 March 2022, subject to satisfying AMC monitoring requirements including progress reports and addressing accreditation conditions.

Read the comprehensive Accreditation Report.

The AMC has applied conditions to the training, education and continuing professional development programs under the accreditation standards that must be addressed by the College and provided timelines for their completion. The AMC will monitor that the College is meeting the conditions on its accreditation through progress reports and a follow-up review in line with AMC processes, particularly to review the outcomes of the EAG Action Plan and the new selection process.

Reaccreditation process

The College started the reaccreditation process in 2017. As part of this process, the College's Reaccreditation Submission was lodged with the AMC on 30 June 2017.

As part of the reaccreditation process, the Assessment Team conducted its Preliminary Team Meeting with the College on 29 September 2017. The College received the Report of the Assessment Team on 6 October 2017 and lodged its Supplementary Submission with the AMC on 3 November 2017.


Information about the standards which all specialist medical colleges are assessed, as well as the accreditation process more generally, is available on the AMC website.