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Advancing My Career

ACEM offers a range programs to help develop and further your skills, allowing you to become a leader in emergency medicine.

ACEM CPD Program

ACEM provides progressive and comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for our Fellows and other physicians working in emergency medicine.

Members get involved in the College

Becoming involved with the work of the College is a rewarding experience and can enhance the value of your Membership. There are a number of opportunities to become involved, including joining committees and providing assistant at events and exams.

Research at ACEM

We conduct survey-based research and analysis, both to understand the characteristics and requirements of our members and to support advocacy and policy development. We also coordinate networks of members and non-members conducting multi-centre clinical research, and epidemiological studies based on ED data registries.


ACEM membership includes a range of entitlements and benefits, including verification of your credentials for employment purposes, professional development opportunities relating to career advancement, longevity and transition, and even access to a range of financial discounts.

My Wellbeing

Emergency medicine is a highly-rewarding yet challenging career. The constant exposure to patient ill-health and injury and heavy physical and emotional demands can affect your wellbeing. ACEM can help to support you to look after yourself whilst caring for others.