The Council of Education is responsible for educational strategic direction and delivery of the FACEM Training Program.

How do I start?

If you are a former trainee, please visit the How to Apply page for the details.

New trainees should familiarise themselves with the requirements of the FACEM Training Program outlined on this page.

FACEM Training Program overview

Trainees must work in emergency departments for the majority of their training and also work in prescribed clinical areas outside of emergency medicine such as anaesthetics, Non-ED specialties and intensive care medicine.

Duration: Minimum five years full-time (part-time available)

Timeframe: Trainees have a maximum of 12 years to complete the FACEM Training Program and achieve election to Fellowship from the date of commencement of training.

Time fraction: The FACEM Training Program may be conducted part-time. The minimal on-call and standard working hours support good work-life balance. Also, some training may be undertaken overseas. Have a look at Where can I do my Training? for more information.

For more details about the FACEM Training Program see the FACEM Training Handbook.