Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori Health

The College's vision for reconciliation addresses the inequities in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The College is progressing a strategy to achieve equity for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Better Outcomes for Patients

ACEM seeks to continually improve the level of patient care delivered at emergency departments in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Building Respect in Emergency Medicine

ACEM has committed to two key action plans that will help enact meaningful cultural change in the College and in emergency departments.

Global Emergency Care

Global Emergency Care (GEC), integrates emergency care with the field of global health incorporating clinical service provision, capacity building and health systems strengthening for time-sensitive healthcare. It includes development activities as well as aspects of disaster health, humanitarian assistance and surge response.

National Program

The National Program aims to address some of the big challenges facing emergency medical care across Australia, including improving the quality and distribution of the future emergency medicine workforce. It includes a range of projects, facilitated by ACEM and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Specialist Training Program


Networks are virtual communities of practice that enable members with a special interest to connect and share. Network members are active in building vibrant communities, led by their Executive.

Research at ACEM

Aims to understand the issues impacting on emergency medicine and to evaluate our education and training programs. We also coordinate ACEM's clinical trials and epidemiology networks.

Sustaining Our Workforce

Emergency department staffing must allow for the delivery of high-quality patient care.

ACEM Scholarships, Awards, Grants and Honours

A breakdown of the Scholarships, Awards, Grants and Honours available to members and trainees of the College.

Emergency Department Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an important tool in Emergency Medicine. This page is a repository for key ACEM ultrasound documents, and links to various ultrasound resources for Clinical Leads in ED Ultrasound, members and trainees.

Standards and Advocacy Library

This library contains all ACEM standards as well as selected submissions made to other organisations, College reports, and other tools.


We acknowledge the COVID-19 situation is evolving, often rapidly. As such, this webpage will be updated regularly to reflect the most current information available. We encourage you to visit this webpage regularly to obtain the latest available COVID-19 information as it relates to College activity

Regional, Rural and Remote Emergency Medicine

Everyone has the right to timely, safe and quality emergency care. ACEM is committed to working with members, trainees and wider stakeholders to focus on the needs of regional, rural and remote communities.

ACME Courses

The Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies (ACME) course for emergency clinicians offers the opportunity to practice clinical “on the floor” management of complex emergency medicine (EM) scenarios in a high-fidelity simulation environment.

Emergency Medicine – Building Our Future Summit

On 30 August 2023 – the year of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine – the College convened a summit to start internal conversations about the role and scope of emergency medicine.