The wellbeing of emergency doctors directly affects their ability to deliver optimal patient care. Emergency doctors work in demanding and high-pressure environments, often faced with unpredictable and stressful situations. Therefore, prioritising the wellbeing of Emergency Doctors is crucial for sustaining their resilience, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. A physician’s ability to pursue a sustainable work life is in part shaped by their ability to achieve a sense of wellbeing. 

ACEM understands the importance of workplace and workforce policies, systems and structures that acknowledge, support, and enable individuals to achieve wellbeing. Establishing psychologically safe working environments that facilitate and support staff wellness in the face of regular adversity is paramount if optimal working environments are to be achieved.

ACEM calls upon healthcare institutions, policymakers, and stakeholders to collaborate in implementing comprehensive strategies that address the wellbeing needs of ED staff and foster a culture of support and resilience within the emergency medicine community. 

Who can you contact at ACEM for support?

ACEM Assist

The nature of work and education commitments as doctors in emergency medicine can often be difficult to balance while maintaining a personal quality of life.
ACEM Assist provides coaching services to support physical, emotional, financial and occupational wellbeing, along with psychological counselling. Use your College login to access details.

ACEM Trainee Support Unit

As a FACEM Trainee who may be experiencing circumstances that are affecting your training progression, the Trainee Support Unit is available to provide you with support and guidance about your options.
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ACEM Membership and Culture Unit

The College has three Membership and Culture staff based in Melbourne who can connect you with external resources, initiatives and advocates in your region. They can also advise how the College can support you directly, based on your individual circumstances.  You can contact the ACEM Membership and Culture Unit via [email protected] or +61 3 8679 8860.