The Quality Standards for Emergency Departments and Hospital-Based Emergency Care Services provide guidance and set expectations for the provision of equitable, safe, and high-quality emergency care in EDs and other hospital-based emergency care services.
The Quality Standards were written to address the whole ED process, encompassing the patient experience from presentation to discharge, transfer or admission. With this in mind, all aspects of care and administration within the ED were considered in order to provide a comprehensive account of how an ED or hospital-based emergency care facility should operate.

In addition to the Quality Standards, ACEM has developed an associated implementation toolkit. This toolkit has been developed to help users navigate their way through the Quality Standards, and how they can be applied in everyday ED settings as part of building a safe ED that delivers quality care.

This toolkit is a living document – it will be continually updated with additional references and resources, case studies and quality improvement scenarios.

ACEM welcomes any feedback on both the Quality Standards and this toolkit.

To provide any feedback, or if you would like to provide a case study or quality improvement scenario for inclusion in the toolkit, please contact:

ACEM Policy, Research & Partnerships Department
t: +61 (3) 9320 0444
e: [email protected]