Mentoring is an important learning and development strategy for emergency physicians. ACEM has produced resources to support doctors as mentees, mentors and program coordinators.

We are committed to embedding a culture of mentoring in emergency medicine. The ACEM mentoring resources are specifically designed for emergency physicians.

ACEM Mentoring Network

The ACEM Mentoring Network was developed to engage focused online discussions. It receives support and encouragement from FACEMs and trainees with an interest in mentoring.

The ACEM Mentoring Network includes:

  • Discussion forums to: share ideas, issues, challenges and successes
  • The Best of Web emergency medicine (EM) resources database
  • Contact details of FACEMs who have volunteered to offer support and advice.

How can I join the ACEM Mentoring Network?

All members and trainees are eligible to participate in the ACEM Mentoring Network. Please contact [email protected] to be added to the network.

Mentoring eLearning Course

The Mentoring Course consists of five eLearning modules which cover the four distinct phases of mentoring along with implementing a mentoring program. The eLearning Modules are:

  1. Preparing for mentoring
  2. Building the relationship
  3. Developing the mentee
  4. Transitioning the relationship
  5. Implementing a Workplace Mentoring Program

By completing the ACEM Mentoring Modules, you are contributing towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. For more information, email: [email protected].

ACEM Leadership Online Course

The ACEM Leadership Online Course provides opportunities to develop strategic leadership skills and help contribute to the future of EM in Australia and New Zealand.

The ACEM Leadership Online Course covers five key areas of leadership:

  • Personal Qualities
  • Leading People
  • Leading Improvement and Innovation
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Leading Strategically.

The Leadership Online Course Program aims to:

  • Meet the needs of different learning styles
  • Allow for self-paced, self-directed learning
  • Support users with journal articles and further reading
  • Provide pragmatic tools, tips and techniques
  • Create opportunities for reflection
  • Allow for rapid access to required content.

Trainees and members can start the ACEM Leadership Online Course today.

Becoming a Supervisor, Local Work-Based Assessment (WBA) Coordinator, or Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT)

Supervisors, Local WBA Coordinators and DEMTs, play an important educational role within the College. They provide support to trainees in conjunction with Regional Censors, Regional Deputy Censors, Regional WBA Panel Chairs and other relevant College delegates.

For more information on how to become a Supervisor, Local WBA Coordinator or DEMT, visit How to become a training leader