Work-related stress and burnout have been identified as a real issue for our Fellows and trainees. It is important our Fellows lead sustainable careers both for themselves and the communities they care for.

Workforce Sustainability Project (WSP)

To better understand the issues affecting our Fellows and trainees and influencing work-related stress and burnout, we conducted the Workforce Sustainability Survey over a three-week period in June and July 2016.

We invited all 4524 ACEM Fellows at that time, EM trainees and specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) living in Australia and New Zealand to participate. A total of 1187 responded to the survey, a response rate of 26 per cent.

The survey findings are published in the ACEM Workforce Sustainability Survey Report released in November of 2016.

Where can I find support?

We are committed to supporting our Fellows and trainees in times of work-related stress and burnout. For more information on how you can find assistance and support visit our My Wellbeing pages for FACEMs and trainees: