Each request will be carefully assessed to determine if it meets the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Sponsorship Policy. Requests for support that do not fit within this policy will not be considered. Also, budgetary constraints will limit the number of opportunities that ACEM can support each year.

All sponsorship applications will be evaluated according to the criteria set out below and must be submitted on the application form.

Only applications that have been submitted to meet the assessment criteria will be considered for sponsorship.

In assessing Sponsorship Application, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Purpose
  • Alignment with ACEM activities and principles
  • Benefits to ACEM
  • Likely audience; the sponsorship should benefit ACEM at a national/international level
  • Location
  • Guests/Speakers
  • Compatibility with other sponsors
  • Nature and extent of sponsorship
  • Risk

To be considered, applications must include:

  • Key details for the opportunity, including date, location etc.
  • Amount
  • Outline of the target audience and how this may align with the ACEM audience
  • List of other sponsors who have committed to date
  • List of benefits including how ACEM can use these benefits to connect with our members
  • Timeline, including important deadlines

If you would like to apply for sponsorship, please complete our sponsorship application form below.

Please note that your application will be more successful if sufficient lead time is allowed. A minimum of six weeks lead time is preferred.

Enquiries: [email protected]