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Emergency medicine is a highly rewarding yet challenging career, with research and member feedback outlining the impact that the constant exposure to patient ill health and injury, and heavy physical and emotional demands can have on physician wellbeing. ACEM supports the health and wellbeing of its members and trainees, and the ACEM Wellbeing Award is part of a range of initiatives aimed at empowering ACEM members and trainees to lead culture change in emergency departments, hospitals and the profession as a whole.
Established in 2018, this annual award celebrates the initiative(s) of an individual member, group of members or an emergency department that have resulted in the enhancement of wellbeing for their emergency department colleagues. The award recognises those who are proactively putting in place a well thought through strategy to encourage and promote the physical and mental health of emergency department staff.

ACEM President John Bonning says:

'Wellbeing is a collective responsibility. We have a duty to support and advocate for safe workplaces and systems that promote wellbeing and empower individuals to access solutions that work for them.
This award is timely and important recognition of the individuals, groups and emergency departments driving these initiatives and providing such crucial wellbeing support and systems for their peers, colleagues and departments.'


Please read the ACEM Wellbeing Award Policy (Policy AP650) for nominee, nominator and seconder eligibility requirements and selection criteria.
Eligible persons and/or groups interested in nominating an individual, group or emergency department for the award will be required to complete and submit the appropriate form:

Eligible nominees may self-nominate for an individual and/or group/ED award.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations for the 2021 Wellbeing Award are now closed. Winners will be announced in due course.


Any questions regarding this process can be sent to [email protected].