GEMN's core aims are to:

  • To foster and promote quality clinical care for older people in emergency departments throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, which is both timely and delivered in the optimal setting.
  • To deliver education and training opportunities for emergency medicine trainees and FACEMs directed towards the unique care needs of older people in the emergency department.
  • To establish a network to promote multicentre clinical and systems research with respect to older people in the emergency department, especially research with translational benefit.
  • To be a liaison group for ACEM in advising on issues relating to the care of older people in the emergency department.
  • To build awareness, across ACEM and the wider community, of issues specific to the emergency care of older people, also establishing a broad community of practice.
  • With the approval of ACEM, to collaborate with like-minded groups such as the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine in furthering the policy and advocacy strategy of the College.
  • To propose other issues or recommendations for the consideration of CAPP.

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