The assessment of your suitability to fill an AoN position does not involve a specialist recognition assessment for the purpose of attaining specialist registration with the Medical Board of Australia. You may apply to the College for Concurrent Assessment which includes both the Specialist and AoN assessment.

Application process

If you have been offered an AoN position by a hospital, health service or other employing authority, you are required to apply to the College for assessment of your suitability for that AoN position.

  1. Apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification of your medical and specialist qualifications
  2. Complete the Application form attaching documents as below:
    1. Curriculum vitae using the ACEM Curriculum Vitae template.
    2. All required supporting documents as specified on the Application form, including the AoN declaration and location details of the AoN position with a position description, employer details and the offer of employment.
  3. Submit your application to the College
  4. You will be invoiced for the AoN assessment fee when your application has been received.

Applications will not be processed until all the required documents, in the format specified, and the assessment fee have been received.

AoN Assessment

The AoN position assessment will determine whether you are suitable for the AoN position.

Once received, your AoN application is forwarded to the Chair of the SIMG Assessment Committee for assessment. You may be invited to attend an assessment interview if further information is required.

  • Assessment Criteria
  • Assessment Outcome

Concurrent Assessment

Concurrent assessment involves determining both your suitability to fill an AoN position and your comparability to an Australian trained specialist in emergency medicine, for the purposes of attaining specialist registration with the MBA.

To apply for concurrent assessment, you will have to follow the application process outlined for AoN assessment as above. In addition, you are required to pay the concurrent assessment fee and to indicate in the application form, Section 1, that you wish to be assessed for both Specialist Pathway – Specialist Recognition and Specialist Pathway - Area of Need position.    

The assessment processes for Specialist Assessment and suitability for the AoN position will be conducted as outlined on the relevant pages.

  • Assessment Outcome

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