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SIMG Pathway Fees

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Positions/Pathways relevant to Australia only

Area of Need position assessment is the assessment of your international emergency medicine specialist qualifications and experience, as comparable to a FACEM, to work as an emergency medicine specialist in a designated Area of Need position (typically in a rural or regional location).

Concurrent assessment - If you apply for an Area of Need position, you may apply for Specialist Assessment concurrently.

Short-Term Training position assessment is the assessment of your qualifications and experience for short-term employment in an emergency department training position. Applicants must have completed specialist training or be in the final two years of their international specialist training.

Specialists who trained in countries other than Australia and Aotearoa​ New Zealand are referred to as Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) and International Medical Graduates (non-specialists) are referred to as IMGs.

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