So many of those presenting to our EDs carry with them deep and pervasive societal wounds, which cannot be stitched back together by emergency medicine alone and thus will never heal. Although our EDs are well versed in identifying and addressing clinical interventions, they need to shift their practice to consider the social and cultural determinants underlying health and illness.
Traumatology Talks – Black Wounds, White Stitches Report

ACEM recognises that the provision of culturally safe, acute health care in Australian EDs is not only vital to true reconciliation with First Nations Australians but also necessary to ensure that health care is safe and effective.

The recommendations in the Traumatology Talks Report will have significant implications for the work ACEM undertakes over the longer term, while also influencing the focus of our advocacy work. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Based on the report, a Project Reference Group is working on an implementation plan for ACEM to progress. We will incorporate recommendations from the Traumatology Talks Report in the next iteration of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (2024-26).

ACEM thanks community and staff participants in this research for the generosity of their time and insights.