Important to Note: An application for selection into FACEM Training does not guarantee a place on the FACEM Training Program. Applicants who are successful in the selection process will be invited to enrol.

If you're successful in the selection process and you're invited to enrol into the FACEM Training Program, please note that your training does not commence until a) you've completed PGY2 b) have obtained a training position in a site accredited for FACEM training and c) completed the enrolment process as detailed in your invitation to enrol.

Determine your eligibility to apply for entry into the FACEM Training Program in Australia or New Zealand

  • New Applicants
  • Former FACEM Trainees
  • Criteria

How to apply

Your application will cover three components:

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Application form

This form comprises:

  • Personal details
  • Eligibility criteria, including:
    - medical degree
    - Citizenship/Permanent Residence status/Visa(s)
    - medical registration details
    - postgraduate training details. All applications for enrolment must include evidence of 24 months .pre-vocational experience, which can be confirmed using the TA162 Verification of Completion Form.
  • Other information, including:
    - previous enrolment in the FACEM Training Program
    - relevant Professional Development
    - activities and leadership
    - rurality
    - Indigenous origin/identity
  • Nominated referees.

Requirements on Referees

You must submit the details of four referees from your most recent full Emergency Medicine term (PGY2 or later). Nominated referees must be able to provide informed professional opinion of the applicant in all areas of the reference. We will seek the references following your submission of a complete application for selection into FACEM Training.

Valid referees are to include the following:

  • One must be the Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT), or in departments not accredited for the FACEM Training Program, the Director of Emergency Medicine (DEM)
  • One must be the Term Supervisor if this is not also the DEMT
  • One other senior EM consultant, defined as at least three years since commencing employment as an EM consultant
  • One other senior clinician (medical or EM nurse). Senior medical staff includes non-EM consultants.

2. Selection References

Once you've submitted your CV Application form, we will send your nominated referees Selection Reference forms for completion by the stipulated due date.

Nominated referees must be able to provide informed professional opinion of you in all areas of the reference.

If the referee is unable to provide their opinion, for example, due to lack of adequate knowledge of and/or contact with you, we will contact you to provide us with details of another more suitable referee.

You must ensure that at least four of your referees can submit your completed Selection Reference form by the stipulated deadline.

The Selection Reference form addresses the following:

  • Prioritisation and decision making
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Scholarship
  • Professionalism.

3. Institutional Reference (IR)

Hospitals are provided, via a request to the DEM, with Institutional Reference (IR) forms for applicants who've undertaken a minimum of one eight-week pre-vocational term in emergency medicine in their hospital, in the preceding two years (not including intern or locum placements).

Relevant senior clinical staff complete the IR, which assesses your suitability to train in the FACEM Training Program. The IR addresses the following:

  • Prioritisation and decision making
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Scholarship
  • Professionalism.

Application Scoring

Scores are set against a standard deemed by us to be required of a doctor commencing FACEM training. Offers to enrol in the FACEM Training Program are based on the following weighting of scores from the three selection components described above:

Selection component Weighting
CV Application 30%
Selection References 35%
Institutional Reference 35%

Important to Note: The College's Council of Education will refuse an application that didn't follow the application instructions, so please ensure you provide us with all the required information. If you have any queries about any of the instructions or application requirements, you can email [email protected]

When to apply

Key dates NSW & New Zealand * Rest of Australia
Applications open 4 June 2018 6 August 2018
Applications close 6 July 2018 7 September 2018
All references due 20 July 2018 5 October 2018
Selection into Training Subcommittee meeting 3 August 2018 5 November 2018
Notification to applicants 17 August 2018 7 December 2018
Enrolment due 28 September 2018 1 February 2019
* The New Zealand training year commences earlier than the training year in Australia, which is why the selection of New Zealand candidates occurs before Australian candidates.


What happens when my application is successful?

  • If your application is successful, you'll be invited to enrol into the FACEM Training Program. You must enrol by the due date or you'll forfeit your invitation to enrol.
  • You'll need to note that training won't be credited towards FACEM training until you have completed PGY2 - by the start of the training year.
  • You also need to obtain a training position in a site accredited for FACEM training and have completed the enrolment process, including payment of enrolment and annual training fees, as detailed in the invitation to enrol and in the TA148 Trainee Registration Policy.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

  • You'll be notified and provided with feedback on your application, including a summary of the areas that were considered deficient.
  • If you want to reapply for selection into FACEM training, you'll be encouraged to undertake further terms in emergency medicine, plus terms in non-emergency disciplines, and seek new referees for your Selection References.
  • If your Emergency Medicine Term Supervisor has not changed since your previous application, the Term Supervisor may choose to either resubmit their previous reference or submit a new reference. If this occurs, the Emergency Medicine Term Supervisor must ensure their reference is current at the time of resubmission.

How many times can I apply for Selection into FACEM Training?

All applicants are allowed a maximum of three attempts at selection. Successful applicants who neither accept their invitation to enrol nor apply to defer their enrolment will still have their application counted towards the maximum number of attempts allowed.

Recognition of Prior Learning

You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) if you've undertaken relevant work or study.

Prior to applying for RPL or CT, please ensure you have understood the TA113 Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer.

You need to submit an application for RPL or CT at the time of enrolment.

Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer may be granted in the following areas:

  • Provisional Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Relevant postgraduate university subjects as part of Trainee Research Requirement
  • Published research project as art of Trainee Research Requirement.

What you need to do

  1. Fill out either the TA163 Credit Transfer Provisional Training or TA165 Credit Transfer Advanced Training 
  2. Email or mail your form with any supporting documentation to:

e [email protected]
m ACEM, 34 Jeffcott Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Training Program Fees

Notices for the payment of Annual Training Fees are issued mid-October for the following training year. Fees are payable by 1 January.

Are you experiencing financial hardship?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may apply to us for financial special consideration. Fees may be allowed to be paid in instalments, with an agreed schedule of payment. Applications for financial special consideration must:

  1. Be made in writing to our Council of Education via email
  2. Reach us prior to 1 January for the applicable training year
  3. Include a proposed schedule for payment of fees.


If you are granted approval to interrupt your training for an entire training year, you may apply for a 50 per cent concession on your Annual Training Fee using the Interruption of Training/Annual Fee Concession form.

When applying for concession, payment of 50 per cent of the Annual Training Fee must accompany the application, and must be received by the due date for payment.

If the concession is not approved, you will be required to submit payment of the balance.

Non-payment of fees

Non-payment of fees by the due date will result initially with a late payment fee and, ultimately, in removal from the FACEM Training Program.


  • Q. What does this mean for me if I am currently in PGY1 and considering FACEM training?
  • Q. Will there be a decrease in the number of training positions available with the introduction of the selection into FACEM Training?
  • Q. Why has the College introduced this new enrolment system?
  • Q. What is the background?
  • Q. How was the decision made to introduce selection into training?

Applying to start a Joint FACEM Training Program

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Early enrolment is encouraged to help ensure you pursue appropriate training.


You must be:

  1. Registered as a trainee with either ACEM or RACP (the ‘parent College’) for the purpose of undertaking your initial specialist training (concurrent registration with both Colleges is not required)
  2. An Advanced Trainee with your 'parent College'.

What you need to do

  1. Complete the PEM151 Application for Enrolment in Joint Training Program.
  2. Submit the form to your 'parent College' accordingly:


e [email protected]
m ACEM, 34 Jeffcott Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003
t +61 3 9320 0444



Intensive Care Medicine

Remember you should register with both ACEM and CICM as early as possible to maximise the opportunities for training components being accredited by both Colleges.

What you need to do

  1. Follow the instructions for the standard FACEM Training Program application process starting at the top of this page.
  2. Enrol with CICM.
  3. Advise ACEM of your dual trainee status.


e [email protected]
t +61 3 9320 0444