Accreditation information for all FACEM trainees

FACEM trainees have the opportunity to complete their core training requirements in various ED settings such as large metro hospitals, paediatric or private EDs, or rural and regional sites each of which provides different training experiences. 

Trainees also complete core training requirements outside of the ED in Non-ED and Critical Care placements. Trainees arrange employment themselves and to have this time certified towards their training requirements they must be completed at sites accredited or approved by ACEM. You may wish to use our Site Information Guide and Regional, Rural and Remote Placement Information Guide to assist you in the planning of your training sites and rotations.

To ensure that trainees obtain a breadth of experience there are core minimum requirements as to where placements are to be completed as well as limits on how long trainees can spend at various sites.

For details on these requirements and managing your training please refer to the relevant Training Handbook.

Accredited emergency department (ED) training sites

Accredited ED training sites are Emergency Departments that meet ACEM's criteria to provide core ED training for the FACEM Training Program.

When choosing a site for your training, trainees should be aware of the site limits relating to each hospital and incorporate this into your training program planning. Training site limits refer to the time a trainee may spend at a particular site relating to core ED training. Training site limits are set by the College through the accreditation process and are based on case-mix, presentation and supervision, and other such measurements.

To find out more about the accreditation standards please visit the Site Accreditation page.

Accredited ED training sites 

Emergency Department 
Emergency Medicine Training Networks 

Accredited non-ED training sites

FACEM trainees complete training placements outside of the ED in Critical Care settings such as ICU and Anaesthetics as well as Non-ED.

To complete core Critical Care training, the choice is limited to placements in Intensive Care and/or Anaesthetics that are accredited by CICM or ANZCA. A small number of placements are also accredited by ACEM.

To complete core Non-ED training, the choice is much greater and can be completed in a specialty that is recognised by the AMC or MCNZ such as Psychiatry, General Medicine or in a discipline that is accredited by ACEM as a special skills placement. Trainees who would like to complete their Non-ED training in General Practice, see below as there is a different approval process.

  • Special Skills Category
  • Other Non-ED
  • General Practice

Training Stage Four (TS4)

In the 2022 FACEM Training Program, Training Stage 4 (TS4) comprises six (6) FTE months of core ED training and six (6) FTE months of Elective (ED or Non-ED) training with a specific focus on leadership and management skills in preparation for life as a FACEM.

This year of training means that sites will need to meet additional accreditation requirements that align to specific learning outcomes and the training requirements of TS4.

Trainees will only be able to have training time certified towards their TS4 training requirements if the site is approved for TS4 training and this is required for both ED and Non-ED placements. Trainees should make sure their site is TS4 accredited before applying for a position at that site.

Information on the accreditation standards and process for TS4 can be found on the FACEM Training Program Accreditation - Training Stage 4 page.

The below video provides an overview of Training Stage Four.

Accreditation changes from 2022 

In February 2022, all sites were transitioned to a three-tier system of accreditation and will have until January 2024 to meet any new requirements that may be applicable. All sites will be required to comply with the new requirements from the start of 2024.

These changes will impact trainees on the pre-2022 FACEM training program, but for almost all sites the site limit allowance has been increased.

Accreditation transition for emergency departments

Previous Accreditation Level
Revised Accreditation Level

18–24 months ED

Tier 1 – 36 months

6 and 12 months ED

Tier 2 – 24 months

6 months Linked ED

Tier 3 - 12 months

Paediatric ED

Paediatric ED – 12 months

Private ED

Private ED – 12 months