Who is This Program Designed For?

The EMAD is a training program that builds upon the knowledge and skills gained during the Emergency Medicine Diploma (EMD). This training program is suited to and intended for doctors:

  • providing clinical support to Emergency Medicine Certificate (EMC) & Emergency Medicine Diploma (EMD)
  • qualified doctors and as a Director of a smaller Emergency Department (not accredited by ACEM for fellowship training); or
  • working in an emergency department as a senior decision maker with the ability to be a part of the education and management team.

At the completion of training, EMAD doctors will have the knowledge and skills to independently manage and treat a wider variety of and higher complexity emergency presentations, with telephone support from emergency specialists within the ED network, when required. EMAD doctors will also have the knowledge and skills to:

  • use ultrasound as appropriate;
  • use a wider variety of resuscitative and other emergency techniques;
  • improve their practice, the practice of junior team members, and the practice of emergency medicine in their environment.

The EMAD training program provides the skills for a medical officer to work as the senior decision maker, provide critical care support and be a director of a smaller Emergency Department. In larger Emergency Departments (accredited by ACEM for fellowship training) a graduate of the EMAD training program will be equipped to work as a senior decision maker at middle grade (registrar) level.

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