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We stand in solidarity with our medical and nursing colleagues in Myanmar, who strive to deliver essential emergency care to the people whilst demanding justice, peace and the return to democracy in their country.
In 2012, ACEM formally partnered with the Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports for the development of emergency care services. We are proud that our eight years of partnership has resulted in the specialist training of over 100 emergency medicine doctors, more than 50 emergency nurses, well-developed emergency departments and new emergency care systems. These are doctors and nurses, including ACEM international affiliate members, who value and give patient-centred, compassionate and quality care for all. They have led the national emergency care and clinical systems response to COVID-19 – staying strong despite many challenges, and at personal cost. Now they are a driving force along with many other healthcare workers, raising their voices in protest against injustice, and for a democratic future. The ethical dilemma of how to protest for change and to provide care for the community is enormous and difficult.
ACEM recognises the magnitude of these wicked ethical and personal challenges. We admire the leadership of the Myanmar Emergency Medicine Society and the efforts of all emergency care providers during this difficult and dangerous time. We stand in solidarity with, and support our Myanmar colleagues in their denouncement of injustice, and in their protest calling for peace and democracy.
Dr John Bonning
ACEM President