Training Stages 

Trainees have 12 years to complete the FACEM Training Program, of which:

  • Up to 3 years may be spent in Training Stage One.
  • Up to a combined total of 8 years may be spent in Training Stages Two and Three.
  • Trainees have any remaining time of the overall 12 years to complete Training Stage 4.

* All elective placements in TS4 must address the leadership and management learning outcomes for TS4.
# To be taken in minimum 2 x 3-month FTE terms or 1 x 6-month FTE term.
^ A maximum of 2 PER DOPS and 1 PER Mini-CEX may be completed in Training Stage 1

  • Training Stage One (TS1)
  • Training Stage Two (TS2)
  • Training Stage Three (TS3)
  • Training Stage Four (TS4)

Training Requirements

There are two placement requirements that are not specific to any single Training Stage, but may be completed at any time across several Training Stages.

  • Non-ED Requirement
  • Critical Care Requirement
  • Training Requirements

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