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Application process

  1. Apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification of your medical and if applicable specialist qualifications
  2. Complete the Medical Board of Australia AAMC-30 application form
  3. Submit the completed AAMC-30 application form to the College, with all required supporting documents, as detailed in AAMC-30, including a signed declaration of intention to return to your country of training
  4. In addition provide the following supporting information from the employing hospital:
  • Contract or letter of offer
  • Training plan
  • Position description
  • Completed MBA SPPA-30 form

You will be invoiced for the STT fee when your application has been received.

Assessment criteria

If you are an IMG, one of the main requirements for the eligibility of this pathway is that you have successfully completed the examinations of your specialist training program and/or that you are no more than two years from completing the requirements of your specialist training program.

If you are a SIMG you are also eligible to apply for STT position.

The College will also consider the extent to which the STT position will provide you with experience not normally available in your country of training. The College will not support STT applications for the purpose of filling workforce shortages.

The STT position does not lead to specialist recognition as it is intended to assist in developing the skills of specialists or specialists-in-training for use in their country of specialist training.

Assessment outcome

The College will notify you and the MBA of the assessment outcome.

As with all College decisions, you have the right to seek reconsideration, review or appeal of your assessment decision under the Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Policy (COR355). These processes are handled confidentially and are conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness, and serve to provide a mechanism by which any individual who is dissatisfied with a College decision can seek redress without fear of reprisal.

The College’s general policies and guidelines can be viewed on our website.

For full details on the Area of Need assessment process, please review: