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  • New Medical Board Australia (MBA) and Medical Council New Zealand (MCNZ) Regulatory standards
  • The CPD Calendar
  • 2021-3 Cycle CPD Program Requirements

CPD Categories

You can view more information about the three categories of CPD prescribed by the MBA and MCNZ below. Download the CPD 2021 Activity Guide, and the Measuring Outcome and Reviewing Performance Activities Guide.

  • Educational Activities – incorporates Group Learning, Research & Educational Development and Self-directed Learnings in the new program
  • Reviewing Performance – incorporates Quality Enhancement activities that support improvements in clinician performance
  • Measuring Outcomes – incorporates Quality Enhancement activities that compare outcomes

Procedural Skills

Procedural skills (PS) remain a high-level requirement central to the practice of emergency medicine (EM). The comprehensive Core and Scope of Practice skills list has been maintained with the inclusion of Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine critical CPD procedural skills. Download the Procedural Skills, or view them below:

  • Core Skills
  • Scope of Practice Skills
  • List of Procedural Skills

Structured Conversation (Additional NZ CPD requirement)

Structured conversation – this is an annual conversation with a peer, colleague or employer about the practitioner’s clinical practice. The goal of this activity is to facilitate reflection on developmental and personal needs, professional goals and their intended CPD activities for the coming year.
The structured conversation can be recorded as an annual CPD activity under the Reviewing Performance category, for a maximum of two hours.

You may complete your structured conversation on the CPD797 Structured Conversation form and upload as evidence.

Professional Development Plan 

The 2020 CPD cycle’s Goal and Reflection requirement will be replaced by a more formal annual Professional Development Plan (PDP) for the 2023 cycle. The PDP may be supported by CPD activities intended to be undertaken in the year ahead. Reflection on the PDP at the end of the year will serve to both evaluate the success of the current year’s professional development to inform PDP goals for the following year, thus generating a cycle of learning and reflection.

The PDP development process can be recorded as an annual CPD activity under the Reviewing Performance category, for a maximum of two hours.

  • Workplace Professional Development Plans

Mandatory Cultural Competency

Completion of one approved cultural competency activity was mandated by the College Board from the 2020 CPD cycle and remains a requirement in the new program for Australian participants. Aotearoa New Zealand registered practitioners are asked to maintain a focus on cultural competence, cultural safety and health equity in all of their recertification (CPD) requirements.

The introduction of this requirement reflects the commitment of ACEM to the integration of cultural competency through avenues such as the ACEM Reconciliation Action Plan, the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) on Discrimination Action Plan and the Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment (DBSH) Action Plan.

  • Approved Cultural Competence Activities
  • Recommend an Activity for Approval
  • How to Record Your Cultural Competence Activity

ACEM CPD Program Exemptions

  • Information for Dual and Other Australasian Fellowship CPD participants
  • CPD Exemptions

Documenting Your Activities

In accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, the College audits a percentage of records annually. It is expected that CPD participants will have retained evidence of activities entered into their MyACEM online record for at least three years and will be able to comply with an audit.

The Provision of Evidence Guidelines will inform you of the types of evidence you can use to verify your CPD activities

CPD Program Policies and Resource Documents

ACEM CPD Program

  • How do I Apply?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I Provide Feedback?