Who is This Program Designed For?

The EMC is a training program that is beneficial for all doctors and is suited to and intended for doctors working:

  • in an emergency department with access to off-site advice and rapid access to on-site critical care support; or
  • as part of the team in an emergency department with senior assistance available on the floor when needed.

At the completion of training, EMC doctors will have the knowledge and skills to manage and treat patients with common emergency presentations. EMC doctors will also have basic knowledge and skills relating to:

  • Prioritisation
  • Risk management.
  • Detecting red flags of serious illness.
  • Carrying out an initial focused assessment of an undifferentiated patient.
  • Delivering safe patient care in a modern emergency care system.

  • Eligibility and How to Apply
  • EMC Program Training Requirements
  • ED Training
  • Where Can I Do My ED Training?
  • Supervision
  • Assessment
  • Examinations
  • Program Completion
  • EMC Curriculum
  • EMC Online Learning Modules
  • Regulations
  • Training Handbook
  • EMC Grant
  • EMC Training Program Fee
  • Contacts and Other Information