Why should we apply?

Endorsement by ACEM’s Clinical Trials Network (CTN) or ED Epidemiology Network (EDEN) has a number of benefits for individual researchers and emergency medicine in general. On request, endorsed projects can access mentoring and expert advice through all development stages of the study. The collective CTN and EDEN track records, and expert advice, will support the submission of successful funding applications.


For emergency medicine:
  • A structure to conduct, report and record significant research activity.
  • Capacity to support researchers in EM.
  • Through collaboration, capacity to involve a greater number and geographical spread of emergency departments in research.
  • As front-line clinicians are directly involved in the research, improved translation of research results into clinical practice.
  • Ability to expand expertise in the emergency medicine research sphere, establishing us as a truly academic profession.
  • Ability to access funding streams earmarked for expansion of emergency medicine research infrastructure.
  • Through membership of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA), a ‘seat at the table’ to ensure that emergency medicine is well represented and has the opportunity to influence advocacy for the public good trials and registries sector.
For individual members:
  • A formal structure to initiate and expand research collaborations, and to engage in networking activities.
  • ​Supported infrastructure to sustain multicentre research collaborations.
  • Capacity to undertake larger, more complex clinical and data-centred trials (with the ability to answer questions that require the recruitment of tens of thousands of patients).
  • A shared research record that allows researchers to benefit from other researchers’ success:
    • Improved track record (using the Networks’ track records rather than an individual researcher track record).
    • Improved capacity to publish in high impact journals.
    • Improved opportunities for early career researchers who are yet to build a track record.
  • Formal mentoring opportunities for early career researchers, and access to emergency medicine research expertise.
  • Active promotion of the activities and achievements of your research through ACTA publications and news listings.

How do we apply?

Research projects considered for endorsement by the CTN will typically be clinical trials or observational research studies, and must be primarily related to an aspect of emergency medicine.

Research projects considered for endorsement by EDEN will typically involve large-scale routinely-collected data or be registry-based in nature, and must be primarily related to an aspect of emergency medicine.

In order to apply please:

1. Read the ACEM Policy on Endorsement of research projects and the ACEM Research Project Endorsement Process

The Policy contains a number of requirements that must be met or agreed to within the application, including:

  • a demonstration that adequate funding is available to successfully complete the project (the CTN and EDEN are not funding bodies)
  • a commitment to provide the CTN or EDEN with periodic updates on the project
  • an understanding that the CTN or EDEN will be a co-author for all presentations and publications of the work, and that all manuscripts will be submitted for approval to the CTN or EDEN for review prior to publication.
2. Complete the Online Application for Endorsement Form

The online form below will prompt you to provide the information mandated by the Policy. Once the form has been submitted it will be processed in a timely manner and the primary liaison will be notified of the outcome.

Application form

Endorsed Projects

See a list of projects endorsed by the ACEM CTN here and the ACEM EDEN here.

For further information contact: 

ACEM Research Coordinator 
t +61 3 9320 0444 
[email protected] 

Media enquiries: 

General Manager – Communications and Media
t +61 3 8679 8813 or +61 498 068 023 
e [email protected]