Who can be a member?
EDEN will have an open, broad-based membership of FACEMs, trainees, other clinical and allied health professionals, and non-clinical staff (for example researchers and data managers). There is a simple requirement that members are involved with or interested in EM epidemiological research.
What is expected of members?
Members must be willing to:

  • Receive updates on EDEN activities.
  • Be notified of requests from researchers who might be interested in collaborating.
  • Consider which initiatives might be appropriate for your site.
  • Consider sharing information on your specific research interests and expertise with other members upon request.

Contingent on explicit consent being received from individuals, information regarding specific research interests and expertise may be shared as required amongst the membership. There is no obligation on members to collaborate when requested, only to be open to an approach.

  • Become a Member
  • How Will My Details Be Used?

For further information contact: 

ACEM EDEN Administator
t +61 (3) 9320 0444