Advertisements are accepted from individuals and organisations. Ads are featured on our website and in the ACEM Bulletin, the College's e-newsletter which is sent out every Friday to all Members. 

Event or workshop ads run for up to one month in the ACEM Bulletin and until the date of the event in the College Calendar. If you want to advertise a conference, please contact the Events coordinator.

Job advertisements run for a period of one month simultaneously in the Bulletin and on the Jobs in EM webpage. Please see the instructions below If you want to advertise a job. 
Instructions and deadline for job ads

To advertise a job on the College website and in the weekly Bulletin, you must download the Request for Quotation for Advertising Form for completion and submit it alongside our job fields template no later than 5pm on Tuesday of that week

Cost enquiries

To obtain a quote, please complete the details in this email by clicking on [email protected].

Terms and Conditions

  • ACEM takes no responsibility for correcting errors or making changes to advertising content.
  • ACEM takes no liability for advertising material.
  • Any changes to advertising content must be made by the client and provided to ACEM.
  • All invoices are to be paid according to ACEM’s payment terms.
  • Quotations are valid for 30 days.

Job ads 

  • A closing date for the job must be provided. If a job is filled before the completion of the one-month advertising period, ACEM can remove the ad but no refund will be provided. 


  • If you are submitting an event or workshop, please include in the Request on Quotation for Advertising Form:
    • the name of the workshop or event
    • the hosting organisation
    • the date, city, state and country of the event
    • the website link.
  • By advertising an event ACEM does not indicate that it endorses or supports that event.