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Nowhere Else to Go: Why Australia's health system results in people with mental illness getting 'stuck' in emergency departments, commissioned by ACEM and prepared by the Mitchell Institute for Education and Health Policy at Victoria University, reaffirms the major resourcing and systemic issues contributing to the country’s mental health crisis.

Our recent national launch webinar examined the report’s recommendations and featured an insightful and thought-provoking panel discussion from professionals and individuals with extensive insight and experience with various facets of the mental health system in Australia.
ACEM is now hosting a series of roundtable meetings with individual states and territories to discuss specific local issues affecting jurisdictions and the actions needed to improve care for members of the community experiencing mental health crises and address unsustainable pressures on hospital emergency departments.
Each meeting will be state focussed and following each meeting a communique will be produced. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

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Roundtables in other states and territories will be scheduled in 2021.

The following roundtables have been held:

  • Emergency Medicine Mental Health Roundtable – Tasmania 15 October 2020
  • Emergency Medicine Mental Health Roundtable – Western Australia 6 November 2020
  • Emergency Medicine Mental Health Roundtable – South Australia 19 November 2020
  • Emergency Medicine Mental Health Roundtable – Queensland Thursday 25 February 2021

  • Watch the National webinar (run time: 01:23:58)
  • National Webinar program (24/09/20)

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