It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that all eligibility and application requirements are met at the time of application. While applications will be checked to ensure validity, applicants will only be advised where requirements are not met if there is adequate time to do so in the context of normal administrative processes. No extensions will be granted to the closing date and time for applications where eligibility and application requirements are not met.

The ACEM Foundation John Gilroy Potts Award is an award made to the author of an article published in a refereed journal, the content of which made a significant contribution to emergency medicine. It is an award made in the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and wisdom by physicians in emergency medicine.

Dr John Potts is a Foundation Fellow of ACEM. In his early career he worked in general practice and in overseas postings with the Federal Department of Health and Immigration.Dr Potts subsequently spent much of his working life developing and enhancing the practice of emergency medicine in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and contributed to the development of emergency medicine as a specialty.