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Join the College and your emergency medicine peers in celebrating this momentous milestone by attending one of the many ACEM events held throughout the year, or sign up for the Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra – where there will be a historic display highlighting the long journey of the College.

We'd love to hear from ACEM members, trainees and SIMGs about what you hope to see in the future of the College. Contact the ACEM Communications team about submitting a short video to be included in a compilation and shown at ASM 2023.

Keep an eye out for updates in College communications including the weekly Bulletin and posts on social media.

ACEM History Timeline

As part of the anniversary celebrations, ACEM is updating its history timeline, launched in 2018 to celebrate the College’s 35th anniversary, to include the past five years. The history of the College is an important reminder of its achievements and growth as an organisation, and its ongoing development as  in the pre-eminent authority on emergency medicine in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

During this era the College grappled with a once-in-a-generation global pandemic, made huge strides in diversity and inclusion, revised the training program and much, much more.

The College also saw the baton of leadership handed from former President Dr Simon Judkins, to ACEM’s first President from Aotearoa New Zealand Dr John Bonning, to current President Dr Clare Skinner, By year’s end the College presidency, will be further passed to current President-Elect Dr Stephen Gourley.  

Today the College has grown to over 3850 members throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and has over 2700 trainees undertaking training to become the FACEMs of the future.