Dr Simon Judkins updates members and trainees on the elections of President-Elect, CIC, DCIC, and the Trainee Representative on the ACEM Board, the College’s advocacy to help vulnerable asylum seekers, governance at ACEM, mental health care, and several College initiatives.

Congratulations to Dr John Bonning, Dr Barry Gunn, Associate Professor Gabriel Lau and Dr Swaroop Valluri

A sincere congratulations to Dr John Bonning, who was this month elected the College’s President Elect. The College’s first New Zealand President, he is a worthy appointment. And on behalf of the ACEM Board, congratulations to Dr Barry Gunn, Associate Professor Gabriel Lau and Dr Swaroop Valluri, who have been elected to the positions of Censor-in-Chief, Deputy Censor-in-Chief and Trainee Representative, respectively. I look forward to their contributions to the work of the Board.

ACEM calls for urgent action on Nauru

Our members strongly believe health care is a right and we should be ready to deliver care to all those who need it. We have joined with other specialist medical colleges to call for urgent medical attention for children and families detained on Nauru. I’m very proud and pleased that ACEM has taken this stand.

Get involved in the College, celebrate wellbeing initiatives

It is an important time for the governance of the College. Our scope for change – to effect change and to be affected by it – has perhaps never been greater. I want you to be involved and to know that this is your time too. Take charge, effect change.

The Board is currently inviting nominations for the positions of Regional Censors and Regional Deputy Censors. Nominations close at 5:00pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 2 October 2018.

The College is seeking nominations for positions on the Council of Advocacy, Practice and Partnerships (CAPP) committees. Nominations for positions on CAPP committees close 7 October. This is a great opportunity to contribute to substantial College work in policy, research and advocacy whether as a Fellow or trainee. My message to you is to join with your ACEM colleagues, get involved and do great things.

We are also seeking nominations for the inaugural ACEM Wellbeing Award. This award celebrates the initiative(s) of groups, individuals or whole emergency departments that have resulted in enhanced wellbeing for their emergency department colleagues. Nominations close 9 October.

Mental Health in the Emergency Department Summit

The first step in a longer process of engagement and advocacy, ACEM’s Mental Health in the Emergency Department Summit is right around the corner (Tuesday 16 October). With a high quality program of speakers and panels, I am looking forward to identifying what we need to do to ensure we are able to deliver the best possible health and psychosocial outcomes to one of the most under-served populations presenting to emergency departments in the Australian community.

Supporting trainees, Māori language week, ASM

College staff are preparing for the upcoming OSCEs. It was great to hear of the pilot preparation program the College ran early this month at its West Melbourne office. A lot of positive feedback was received about the day and I’m proud of the steps we are taking to better support trainees. Another program will be run in December.

The College also recently celebrated Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori language week), which reiterates the importance and value of sensitivity to and respect for the language, culture and customs of all people. I’m particularly mindful of this for the environment we work in – and the wealth of cultures, customs and languages we engage with each day. And it has been great to get along to the NZED Conference this month in Taupo.

Finally, a quick call-out to everyone who is presenting at or attending the ASM in Perth in November. It looks to be a great program, check it out here. I look forward to seeing you there.

Until next time,