Congratulations to Dr John Bonning, who has been elected President-Elect.

Dr Bonning will take office at the College’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on 18 November. He will serve one year in this position and then assumes the role of President.

Dr Bonning has been a specialist emergency medicine physician for 15 years and was Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand. Chair of the New Zealand Faculty, he has been an ACEM Board Member since July 2014.

He is also the current Chair of the Council of Medical Colleges in New Zealand.

ACEM President Dr Simon Judkins said: “On behalf of the Board I thank all three nominees who put themselves forward for election – John, Dr Kim Hansen and Dr Niall Small; all three had extensive skills and experience that they would have brought to the role, and the strength of the field in this election is testament to the depth of talent and commitment the College is fortunate enough to enjoy.”

Censor-in-Chief and Deputy Censor-in-Chief

Following a call for nominations, Dr Barry Gunn has been elected Censor-in-Chief and Associate Professor Gabriel Lau has been elected Deputy Censor-in-Chief.

They will take office as the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Council of Education respectively and serve as members of the Board from the AGM.