The award, announced last week, celebrates the initiative(s) of groups, individuals or whole emergency departments that have resulted in enhanced wellbeing for their emergency department colleagues. It seeks to recognise the behaviour and activities of emergency department staff that help to support wellbeing in the emergency department.

College President Dr Simon Judkins says the award has been well received since its announcement on Tuesday and is an important and timely step.

"Our members are so passionate about wellbeing. It [emergency medicine] is an extraordinarily high-pressure environment and we’re very aware that emergency departments have been subject to a lot of negative coverage lately. This award is at a good time for our members, trainees and their colleagues to take a breath and recognise the great work they are doing – for their patients and for each other," he says.

The concept was initially outlined in the Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Action Plan and is one of the initiatives from that plan being implemented by the College to improve the circumstances of people who have been affected by DBSH behaviours in emergency department workforces.

"There are so many great initiatives and actions supporting wellbeing that we are already aware of, but we’re also keen to see things that are happening that we haven’t seen yet," Dr Judkins says.  

It is hoped the award will not only celebrate existing activities and initiatives, but also support a broader push for greater wellbeing, including new activities and initiatives and a better understanding of the pressures that may affect wellbeing in emergency medicine environments.

Nominations close 9 October at 5.00pm AEDT. The award will be presented at the ASM in November, in Perth.

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