Patients and staff in emergency departments deserve a climate of safe, reliable and timely care in a healthy, respectful and supportive environment.

A Wednesday afternoon session at this year's ASM – Is Your ED Safe? – is designed to explore just that, with delegates invited to join a conversation about what a safe ED looks like for both patients and staff.

In this workshop, chaired by Professor George Braitberg and Dr Aline Archambeau, leading patient safety and wellbeing experts and session participants will workshop ACEM’s new Safe ED framework.

ACEM’s Safe ED framework will be a future roadmap for the emergency medicine specialty, to help directors, staff, and patients understand how to create and sustain safe emergency care.

Delegates are invited to ponder: What would a future state ED look like in terms of procedural skills training, trainee supervision, decision support, embedded error recovery training and incident reporting and analysis. Why is clinician wellbeing, teamwork and respectful communication so fundamental to the safe ED?

What is the role of clinical indicators and metrics in the Safe ED and where do self-reflection and peer review fit into the picture?

Speakers will include College President Dr Simon Judkins (on disparities in emergency care and why we need a framework), Sandra Brownlea (on how we measure a safe emergency department, and which things we should measure), Trevor Chan (on what the framework looks like so far), and committee community representative Chris Alderman (on the patient experience).

This session will be an exciting opportunity to develop the Safe ED initiative and participants will be part of the ‘changing climate of emergency medicine’, where both patient and clinician safety will be the centre of everything emergency departments do.

Quality and Patient Safety Committee chair Dr Carmel Crock says ‘If you are passionate about quality and safety, we would love you to come along, contribute and be part of this new initiative’.

This year’s ACEM ASM will be held in Hobart from 17 to 21 November. The theme is ‘the changing climate of emergency medicine’.

Find the full program and register on the ASM website.