During the campaign, ACEM has welcomed Labor’s pledges to deliver a $39 million program that will transition hospital patients living with disability into home or home-like residences while waiting for NDIS supported accommodation, and a $270 million training program for nurses and midwives.

Although the College acknowledges the bipartisan commitment to infrastructure spending on health in this year's campaign, it still wants to learn how these pledges, many of which will be implemented in government, will be supported by appropriate workforce planning and resource management. 
As experts in emergency medicine, ACEM stands ready to collaborate with the returning government, and all key health stakeholders, to deliver urgent and meaningful health system reform for all Victorians, and will support genuine efforts to better integrate health services and improve funding arrangements, in consultation with federal leadership and other jurisdictions.
Demonstrating its readiness, the College has presented and recommended a range of solutions throughout the Victorian state election campaign that would ensure safer emergency departments (EDs) for all clinicians, healthcare workers and patients.
These measures included 1,000 more fully staffed inpatient hospital beds (accessible to the ED) across Victoria, an appropriately trained 24/7 security guard posted at every Victorian ED and a 20% increase in full-time inpatient specialist and allied health support workers so that public patients can access these crucial services seven days per week, and outside business hours.
While the systemic pressures facing Victorian acute healthcare require urgency and ambition, suitable and achievable solutions are available, if the government is willing to lead and deliver.
ACEM Victorian Chair, Dr Belinda Hibble said, “We congratulate Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor on their victory and look forward to seeing more detail on the planned implementation of several of their infrastructure investments.
“Staff shortages remain a serious issue, so it is crucial that all election commitments are matched by commensurate workforce investment and planning. Victoria’s emergency doctors will support evidence-based health policies and investments that are considered, compassionate and collaborative.”
ACEM President, Dr Clare Skinner said, “We encourage and urge Victorian Labor to collaborate with healthcare stakeholders on policies that address the shortfalls in staff and resources and improve patient flow in Victoria’s EDs and health care system, now and into the future.

“Because safer EDs mean safer patients, safer healthcare workers, and a safer future – for everyone.”


ACEM is the peak body for emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand, responsible for training emergency physicians and advancement of professional standards. www.acem.org.au

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