The centre is being set up to provide support for all workers (clinical and non-clinical) in health services, community health, aged care and primary care settings.

ACEM wants to congratulate FACEM Andy Tagg on his appointment to this group.

Andy, known for his work and wellbeing advocacy as co-founder of Don’t Forget the Bubbles, says he grew up in a culture of long hours and big egos.

‘I suffered on account of systemic bullying and the dog-eat-dog culture. It pushed me out of medicine for a while, but ultimately I made it to Australia as a ship’s doctor.

‘I felt welcomed in my department and love going to work with friends, but I see that not everyone feels that way.’

Andy joined the ACEM Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment working group, where he developed a greater understanding of his own privileges, and a greater appetite to help others.

‘In the immortal words of Dr Mark Greene (ER), “You set the tone”.’

‘I’ve tried to do that through my platform at DFTB – to spread the idea of human kindness and to remind doctors that we need to look after each other.

‘But I don’t know what wellbeing I would be touting if it was just about me or just about the department I work in.’

The Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Advisory Group will be champions for improvement in healthcare worker wellbeing. Each member will provide(1):

  • expert input to the establishment and activity of the wellbeing centre;
  • connection between the centre and the voice of healthcare workers; and
  • leadership to the initiatives of the centre.

‘Every healthcare worker deserves to be treated as an individual, an integral part of the whole. They deserve to feel valued, feel appreciated, and to be picked up if they stumble. I truly believe that by being part of this group I can help to make this happen.’

More information

(1) Meet the healthcare worker wellbeing advisory group

Andy has also recently been appointed as an ACEM Regional Wellbeing Champion.

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