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ACEM acknowledges the tremendous efforts of local paramedics, police, local GPs, Rotorlift Aviation and other first responders. The College recognises the mental and emotional impact attending an incident involving children can have and stands with all Tasmanian emergency responders.

ACEM also acknowledges the hard and difficult work of emergency healthcare colleagues at the Mersey and the Royal Hobart emergency departments. ACEM encourages all emergency physicians and trainees affected by this incident to reach out to the College and the Tasmanian faculty for support.
ACEM President Dr Clare Skinner said, “Our thoughts are with the families, friends, carers and teachers of the children who have been injured or lost their lives. We can only imagine the emotional impact of this tragic event in a small, close-knit community. We are all thinking of you.”
ACEM Tasmanian Chair Dr Juan Ascencio-Lane said, “It has been a far-reaching event. Many hearts have been broken. But we stand together, and we stand for our family of emergency responders.”
“I fear that this event will take its toll mentally on so many of those within our family. This is a time when we all need to stand together. To any of our emergency responder colleagues: please reach out if you need support. We are thinking of you, and we are here for you.”