The College echoes the report in acknowledging the tireless work of staff at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), who have been working in challenging conditions for some time. This report shines a bright light on the systemic failures within the healthcare system, which are relevant not just at FMC and throughout South Australia, but across the country.
ACEM has been vocal about the fact that avoidable bottlenecks delaying admissions to inpatient wards (access block) have major impacts on patient safety in hospitals, and directly contribute to ambulance ramping and emergency department (ED) overcrowding. This report highlights again the concerns and frustrations of ACEM and its members, and supports our position that it is time for action to support ED healthcare workers attempting to carry out their duties.
We  call on SALHN to use this report as an opportunity to become a leader that will influence the healthcare sector across the state and country, through fully implementing the recommendations of the report and addressing the critical issues that hospitals face every day beginning with access block. Comprehensive engagement with emergency physicians and healthcare workers should be central to this. ACEM welcomes the announcement that the Health Minister accepts the recommendations of this report and encourages the application of these key changes across all of our health networks.
ACEM South Australia Faculty Chair Dr Michael Edmonds said: “I thank our colleagues at FMC, who give their utmost every day in difficult circumstances, for participating in this review.”
“It is only through collaborative engagement between emergency physicians, other medical specialities, and hospital management that we will be able to ensure that innovation and system change result in the important outcomes and improvements our health system needs. The issues with the ED redevelopment identified in the report clearly demonstrate that poor outcomes follow from a lack of engagement with clinical leaders.
“There are lessons here for other services in South Australia and we look forward to contributing to robust and practical solutions.”

ACEM is the peak body for emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand, responsible for training emergency physicians and advancement of professional standards.