Before applying for selection into FACEM Training

Prior to applying for selection into FACEM Training, you should have a sound understanding of:

The ACEM Council of Education reserves the right to refuse any application for selection into FACEM Training.  Any application that is not submitted in accordance with Regulation B Specialist Training Program will not be accepted.

Determine your eligibility to apply for entry into the FACEM Training Program in Australia or New Zealand

  • New Applicants
  • Former FACEM Trainees
  • Application and Enrolment Dates

How to apply

Important note: An application for selection into FACEM Training does not guarantee a place on the FACEM Training Program. If you are successful in the selection process you will be invited to enrol by ACEM.
If you are successful in the selection process and are invited to enrol into the FACEM Training Program, you must note that your training does not commence until you have completed PGY2, have obtained a training position in a site accredited for FACEM training and complete the enrolment process, as detailed in your invitation to enrol.

The ACEM selection into FACEM Training process consists of three components:

  • Curriculum Vitae Application form
  • Selection References
  • Institutional Reference (IR)

Overall application scoring

Scores for the CV Application, Selection References and IRs are set against a standard deemed by us to be required of a doctor commencing FACEM training. Offers to enrol in the FACEM Training Program are based on the following weighting of scores from the three selection into FACEM Training components:

Selection component Weighting
CV Application 30%
Selection References 35%
Institutional Reference 35%

Notification of selection into FACEM Training outcome

Following completion of the selection into FACEM Training process, you will be notified of the outcome of your application.
What happens if my application is successful?

If your application is successful, you will be invited to enrol into the FACEM Training Program, and must do so by the due date or forfeit your invitation to enrol. 

Successful applicants must note that training will not be credited towards FACEM training until you have completed PGY2, which must be by the start of the training year. You must also obtain a training position in a site accredited for FACEM training and have completed the enrolment process, including payment of enrolment and annual training fees.
What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and provided with feedback on your application, including a summary of the areas that were considered deficient. 

If you are seeking to reapply for selection into FACEM training, you will be encouraged to undertake further terms in emergency medicine, as well as terms in non-emergency disciplines, and seek new referees for your Selection References. 
How many times can I apply for Selection into FACEM Training?

All applicants will be allowed a maximum of three attempts at selection into the FACEM Training Program. As per all College decisions, the ACEM Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Policy applies.

If you are a successful applicant who does not accept your invitation to enrol, and do not apply to defer your enrolment, you will still have your selection application counted towards the maximum number of attempts allowed.
Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

If you have undertaken relevant work or study, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT). Prior to applying for RPL/CT, you must have a thorough understanding of the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer.  RPL/CT may be granted in the following areas:

An application for RPL/CT must be submitted after enrolment, within six months of commencement of the FACEM Training Program.


Notices for payment of Annual Training Fees are issued mid-October for the following training year and are payable by 1 January.
Are you experiencing financial hardship?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may apply to us for financial special consideration. Fees may be allowed to be paid in instalments, with an agreed schedule of payment. Applications for financial special consideration must:

  • Be made in writing to our Council of Education via email.
  • Reach us prior to 1 January for the applicable training year.
  • Include a proposed schedule for payment of fees.

Non-payment of fees

Non-payment of fees by the due date will result initially with a late payment fee and, ultimately, in removal from the FACEM Training Program.
For more information about enrolling into the FACEM Training Program, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact our Selection Department via email.  


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