One of ACEM’s strategic priorities is to develop, support and implement wellbeing initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing of doctors and other health professionals delivering emergency medical care.
For the first time ACEM is leading Wellness Week with an aim to encourage strong wellbeing leadership within emergency departments. Scheduled for 15 to 21 August 2021, with the theme of Connection and Belonging, our goal is to start a conversation on how to build a culture that allows ED staff to feel safe and supported to connect and belong within their departments.

Below are practical tips and resources which we hope you will useful as you pursue or continue a culture of connection and belonging in your department.
Prior to and throughout ACEM Wellness Week we will hear directly from our newly appointed Regional Wellbeing Champions as they start their own conversations on courageous vulnerability, being human in the ED, and maintaining connection during COVID-19.
We have also reached out to ACEM President, John Bonning; President-elect, Clare Skinner; and our past presidents to find out what connection and belonging means to them and how they cultivate a sense of wellbeing for themselves and for those they lead. Their thoughts on wellbeing leadership are showcased in this document and we encourage you to share this among your peers and within your emergency department. You can read their full statements below.

Please contact the ACEM Membership and Culture Unit (+61 3 9320 0465 or [email protected]) to share any activities you’re undertaking or for further information regarding ACEM Wellness Week.

These resources are available for you to download and use as part of ACEM Wellness Week. Our hashtag on Twitter is #ACEMWellnessWeek.

Wellness week 2021 – Wellbeing Leadership

  • John Bonning (President)
  • Clare Skinner (President-elect)
  • Simon Judkins (past-President 2017-2019)
  • Anthony Cross (past-President 2012-2015)
  • Peter Cameron (past-President 1999 – 2001)


  • Falling Back in Love with Emergency Medicine
  • Goodbye 2020
  • The language in the Emergency Department
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • The Hug Exchange
  • Connection
  • Empowering vulnerability: Overcoming the fear and shame of physician error
  • Joy in Work
  • 15 Secs 30 Mins
  • Why Belonging Is Such A Big Issue In Business Today
  • Diversity And Inclusion Aren’t What Matter. Belonging Is What Counts
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • The power of lived experience and addressing toxic culture in medicine